2013-2014 NB Racing Recap It has been an exciting year at NB Racing! We competed at 7 races across the Midwest of the United States and Canada in both Ice Oval Racing and Cross Country disciplines. It is no longer a secret that we brought Andrew and Bret Nordine to the team this year. Andrew brought his riding talents to the Formula 500 class and showed enormous improvement through out the year. Andrew had a rocky start at the season opener in in Beausejour, Manitoba, Canada getting  the feel for a new racing machine. Andrew spent days and days at the practice track being coached by a long time racing veteran, master tuner, and man who we fancy as our very own living legend Bret Nordine. The Eagle River World Championships came fast and Andrew was ready for the challenge qualifying in the top 10 for the Forumla 500 World Championship finishing 9th. This was Andrew’s first time racing at the Legendary Derby Track since competing on a Kitty Kat 120! It was a huge accomplishment to make it to the top 10 final in the largest class at the largest Ice Oval Race in the world, Andrew’s hard work really paid off. At the Alexandria Winter Spectacular Andrew came even stronger! Finishing 3rd in Sportsman 600 with his 500 and after a bad restart 5th in Forumla 500. 

A huge part of NB Racing’s success this year and especially Andrew’s was his father and Crew Chief Bret Nordine coaching the team to a new level. Bret spent over 30 years racing snowmobiles where he competed with everything from Mercury Snow Twisters to Ski Doo Formula I Twin Trackers. Bret brings with excellent tuning experience, sportsmanship and also a great asset to our marketing efforts. We are excited for the future with both Nordines aboard NB Racing and 2014 was an excellent start to what is to come in the future.

Nick had a busy year on and off the race track. Competing less and building more for 2015 kept him going. He spent time helping Andrew, and tuning in the machines for next year. He tried his hand at Semi Pro Champ, Pro Sprint 600 and even some USXC Cross Country Racing! Nick finished 2nd at the Eagle River World Championships in Pro Sprint 600 and had a close 2nd at the Canadian Power Toboggan Championships in Beausejour, Manitoba. 

For next year we look forward to competing in the Pro Am 600 Super Series and also continuing with Andrew in Pro Formula 500. Some exciting news is we will also be adding an International Cross Country effort. We plan to compete at the I-500 Winnipeg to Willmar and also the Yamalkan Snow Marathon in Salekhard, Russia!  More news to come soon!

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Jimmy John’s Investing Lots of Dough into the AMSOIL Eagle River World Championship Race!
Eagle River, Wisconsin — The 50th Anniversary of the AMSOIL World Championship Snowmobile Derby is welcoming back an exciting sponsor for the World Championship, and they are bringing a lot of “dough” to the party!  “We couldn’t be happier right now, and are extremely excited to welcome Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches as an official product sponsor of the AMSOIL World Championship,” stated Derby Track spokesman, Todd Achterberg. Jimmy John’s has really stepped up this year by putting a total of $60,000 into the AMSOIL World Championship 30 lap finale. The World Champion will take home $50,000 from Jimmy John’s, along with another $10,000 from the AMSOIL Derby Track.

Jimmy John’s is also putting up another $10,000 for the “Jimmy John’s Freaky Fast Challenge”, which will be split up among the top four drivers in the Championship race at the mandatory pit stop caution. The leader at lap ten will pocket a cool $5,000, second $3,000, while third and fourth will each get $1,000.  The big payday at the AMSOIL World Championship will continue to be spread out across the top twelve finishers when the final checkered flag falls and the ice dust settles on Sunday, January 20th, 2013. There is an additional $11,600 being paid out by the AMSOIL Derby Track.

The total payout for the 30 lap Championship Race at this year’s AMSOIL Eagle River Championship Snowmobile Derby will total $81,600, making this the richest payout in the history of modern day snowmobile racing.  As it states in the history section of Jimmy John’s website, “What makes Jimmy John's different from the rest is that it's honest, it's damn good, and it’s damn fast, at a decent price!” Those words could also hold true for the AMSOIL Eagle River Championship Snowmobile Derby, as we have the most exciting show and the biggest bang for your snowmobile racing buck to be found at any event this winter. “Our show is damn good, damn fast, and at a decent price!”

For more information on the great offerings from Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches, please visit their website at www.jimmyjohns.com.Details on the AMSOIL Eagle River World Championship Derby can be found at www.derbytrack.com
  NB Racing announces partnership with 509 Films Inc!

Detroit Lakes, Minn. As the season sneaks upon us NB Racing is shifting into full gear. The offseason was full of time on the water, quads, and time off, but now it is crunch time. The NB Factory 600 racing machine is coming together and improvements in the formula 500 racing machines will be a evident in December in Beausejour! 

NB Racing has not let up in procuring sponsorship and partners for the 2012-2013 season either! Last year after Nick suffered from a fogging goggle lens in Garrison, MN he knew he needed to find a new solution.

509 offered that solution at the last March race in Beausejour, MB when Nick first tried a pair of 509 polarized goggles. Team Owner Kevin Nagel said “After he got off the track in Garrison and told me about his goggle issue I was sure to have a quality set of eye protection for him at Beausejour. I got online and sure enough found the best goggles money could buy from 509.” NB Racing was a believer from then on and this year is extremely proud to announce that 509 has partnered with the team for 2013. Nick Butze remarks “We are so excited to have 509 on board for this season. We love all of their products especially the new all carbon fiber helmet that has just been released and of course the awesome goggles are second to none!” 

NB Racing is proud to be a part of the 509 team and is excited to show them how great and loyal the oval racing really community is. Check out the 509 products at their website www.509films.com !
Announcing NB Racing's 2012-2013 Season Tour
Dec 8-9 Canadian Power Toboggan Championships
- Beasusejuor, Manitoba, Canada
Dec 15-16 ORA National Season Opener- Rock Rapids, Iowa
Jan 4-6 Pro Vintage Racing Ironwood Olympus - Ironwood, MI
Jan 11-13 Eagle River Vintage World Championships - Eagle River, WI
Jan 17-19 Eagle River, WI
Jan 25-26 WAUSAU 525 Snowmobile Championship - Wausau, WI
Feb 1-3 ORA U.S. NATIONALS - Ogilvie, MN
Feb 9th 47th Annual Strathcona Cup - Strathcona, MN
Feb 15-17 Grand Prix Ski-Doo De Valcourt - Valcourt, Quebec, Canada
Feb 23-24 Bonnechure Cup -  Eganville, Ontario, Canada
Mar 2-3 CPTC - Beausejuor, MB, Canada
NB Racing announces new sponsors for the 2012-2013 Season!
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Detroit Lakes, Minn. NB Racing is hard at it preparing for the Season Opener in Beausejour, Manitoba, Canada. Driver Nick Butze said today “we have been busy organizing our season schedule, working on building our new Factory 600 sled, and organizing the trailer for our packed schedule” Looking around the NB Shop and trailer you will see engines in all phases of life from HayDays Swap Meet fresh to just out of the engine builder’s shop. NB Has big plans for the season, but it isn’t possible without the help of great supporting sponsors. NB Racing is proud to announce their partnership with two outstanding companies for the 2012-2013 Season!
  NB Racing Sponsor TeamAftermarketTEAM Industries – Aftermarket has partnered with NB Racing for the season to provide top of the line clutches and clutching components throughout the season. TEAM Aftermarket is dedicated group of American engineers and manufacturers who work hard to perfect superior-performing, premium powertrain components for all of your on-road and off-road vehicles, including snowmobiles, ATVs, UTVs, golf carts-anything with a drive train. With TEAM Aftermarket headquarters less than 5 miles from the NB Shop it is only right for the two to work together. We are sure many NB Friends, Fellow Racers, and Fans will be excited to see the great offerings TEAM has for the racing community in the future. Take a look at all of the great products TEAM Aftermarket has for you at www.teamaftermarket.com
  ProVintage PerformancePro Vintage Performance out of River Falls, Wisconsin has provided excellent Ski Doo Restoration Products and Services to the snowmobile community for years. Recently PVP has become involved in the Formula 500 class offering ready to race machines, F500 parts, and advice. Although NB Racing is not a Vintage Ski Doo organization they have teamed with Pro Vintage Performance for their Formula 500 program. PVP has chosen to be a supporting sponsor of NB Racing’s Formula 500 program for the entire season. Check out their website www.provintageperformance.com
  NB Racing is very excited for the packed tour planned beginning this December. We appreciate the support of all of our supporting sponsors. If you would like to become involved with NB Racing as a supporter contact info@nb-racing.com for more information.
  Some Canadian Friends of NB Racing were having fun this weekend on the Winnipeg River! Devon Griffith and friends were in LacDuBonnett, Manitoba braaping over nearly 2 miles of open water! With a full production complete with helicopter and water patrol we are excited to see what Devon will bring in the future! Enjoy the rest of the summer!
  NB Racing announces new sponsors for the 2012-2013 Season!

Detroit Lakes, Minn. NB Racing has not slowed racing efforts during this “warm racing” season! They have been investing in new top of the line equipment, building a new race shop facility, and procuring supporting sponsors for the 2012-2013 Ice Oval Racing Season! Excitement is brewing for this season of Ice Oval Competition. SnowGoer Magazine has named the 50th Annual Eagle River World Championship Derby “The #1 Snowmobile event of 2013!” Rounding off the top five snowmobile events of 2013 is the Grand Prix De Valcourt in Valcourt, Quebec, Canada. These events have a long tradition of excellence and corporate supporters are taking notice!

NB Racing would like to announce their new partnership with Wiseco Performance Products, EPIC Action Cameras, Camoplast Snowmobile Tracks!

Wiseco Performance Products has offered amazing internal engine components to NB Racing and motorsports competitors alike for many years. In fact Wiseco has over 70 years of motorsports history with a tradition of excellence! NB Racing is very excited to join Wiseco for the 2012-2013 season! Check out the great products Wiseco has to offer at www.wiseco.com

EPIC Action POV Cameras has joined NB Racing for the 2012-2013 season offering ultimate onboard video equipment to record the upcoming action in Ice Oval Racing! NB Racing is ready to put together thrilling footage using these great products! Check them out at: www.epicactioncam.com

NB Racing is especially excited to announce their new partnership with the world class snowmobile racing track manufacturer Camoplast for the 2012-2013 Season! Camoplast is an excellent manufacturer of rubber molded high performance tracks of all kinds not only snowmobiles! Their experience and excellent engineering makes Camoplast racing tracks the only choice for NB Racing. Camoplast has been a great supporter of Snowmobile Racing and NB Racing is proud to be a part of it! Check them out at www.camoplast.com

In conclusion, the Racing Season never stops at the NB headquarters! Enjoy the heat, sun, and lakes while it lasts (if that is what you are into) NB will be preparing for the ice because in just 134 days we will be at the season opener in Beausejour, Manitoba, Canada with our brand new 2013 Arctic Cat Factory 600 Sno Pro and Formula 500!
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